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All About Conures

CONURES PARROTS.Spunky, comical, and fun-loving! These characteristics all describe one species of bird. You guessed it! Conures. Because of their loving personalities, these bold and beautiful birds are popular pet companions. A diverse group, conures come in a wide range of eye-catching colors, and they usually have colorful personalities to match!

Fast Facts

Lifespan: 20 years; up to 30 with care.
Size: Smallest – Green-cheeked and black-capped conures at around eight inches.
Largest – Patagonian conure at 18 to 20 inches.
Native to South America.

General Appearance

Conures are recognized for their slender build and long, pointed tail. They are small to medium parrots that range in size according to species. Because of their smaller size (and many other reasons), they make great family pets. These vibrant beauties greatly range in color, with their feathers an assortment of blue, red, green, orange and yellow. Their coloring is often compared to that of a macaw. One distinctive characteristic of most conures is their lack of feathers around the eyes, which is called an “eye ring.”

Behavior and Personality

Conures are the life of the party! The typical conure is social, inquisitive, bold, and vocal. And they love to have fun! They are active, playful, and outgoing, and they love to cuddle. These snuggly babies are all about spending quality time with their families, and they are notorious for wanting to be where the action is. You may just find your conure dancing back and forth, mimicking your movements, or climbing in your shirt!